My New Home for Florida Panthers Coverage: Florida Hockey Now

It has been a couple of weeks now, but I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by this site for my coverage of the Florida Panthers.

Since I started this site in June, things changed a bit.

I am still covering the Panthers, only I am doing it on a new site, one many of you have already seen and (Thank You!) subscribed to.

Florida Hockey Now is the name of the site, and if you hop over there, you will see a ton of Panthers coverage.

Hope you will keep coming back.

As promised last month, a new podcast is in the works. As of July 18, it is close to being done. It will keep this name: The Panthers Press Box.

More on that later.

Again, thanks as always for the support and I look forward to seeing you over at FHN.

Talk at you later!

— George

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One reply on “My New Home for Florida Panthers Coverage: Florida Hockey Now”

Got it, George! Congrats on the gig! I look forward to following you for more years to come and I’ll be glad when we get back to some local hockey! Take care! Jack Short Crew Supervisor NHL Off Ice Officials Florida Panthers

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